About Us


Born in 2013, Dushi was founded with a clear vision and a burning passion for developing local, ethical, and high-performing hair care products. It's creator believed that everyone deserved that extra boost for their hair, allowing them to radiate confidence and embrace their natural beauty.

Dushi embarked on a journey to create hair care solutions that harnessed the power of nature and science. They were committed to using only the finest ingredients sourced from sustainable and eco-friendly suppliers across the country.

With a team of dedicated researchers and hair care enthusiasts, Dushi set out to craft innovative formulas that not only nourished and revitalized hair but also respected the environment and local communities. They aimed to create a brand that customers could trust, knowing that their products were not only effective but also ethically produced.

As time went on, Dushi continued to innovate and expand its range of hair care products. They introduced customized solutions for every hair type, ensuring that everyone could find their perfect match. Last 12 months saw the range expand into the beauty market, men's grooming and a dedicated range for kids.

Today, Dushi remains a beacon of excellence in the hair and beauty industry, standing tall as a brand synonymous with quality, ethics, and performance. With unwavering dedication to its founding principles, Dushi Australia continues to develop exceptional products and to inspire individuals worldwide, helping them achieve their #hairgoals, faster.