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Moroccan Hair Fibres 25g Instant hair thickener
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Moroccan Hair Fibres 25g + Hair Locking Spray 100ml Instant hair thickener with extra hold
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Hair thinning or hair loss is an unavoidable aspect of ageing. No matter how much hair you have, you will experience a reduction in hair growth as you get older. While some people are blessed with thick heads of hair, many are not. 

There is nothing wrong with hair thinning or hair loss. However, some people may experience a lack of confidence and lower self-esteem if this is something that affects them deeply. That’s where hair fibres come into play.

Hair fibres are extremely small fibres that latch onto the hair follicle to mask the appearance of thinning hair or small bald spots, temporarily thickening the follicle. Dushi’s hair-thickening fibres exceed the ordinary products on the market, using 100 per cent natural Gossypium Herbaceum Fibre (Morrocan cotton). Browse our range today and see the difference.

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Are Hair Fibres Safe?

Dushi’s Morrocan Hair Fibres is an all-natural hair enhancement product that is safe to use on your scalp. The fibres are extremely lightweight and have a static charge which enables them to cling naturally to existing hair strands without any adhesive or bonding agents. They look and feel just like real hair!

Our hair fibres are entirely non-toxic, so they will not harm your skin. However, like with any product, it is best to do a patch test before applying it all over your scalp. Since Dushi hair fibres lack any chemical properties, they will not harm your hair follicles or cause any damage. This product is safe for anyone to use, including people with a sensitive scalp!

How Do Hair Fibres Work?

Dushi hair fibres are specially designed to be incredibly lightweight and adhere naturally to the existing strands of your hair. This creates an enhanced appearance of thicker and fuller locks for both men and women. 

Hair fibre technology utilises static electricity to help the fibres cling to existing hairs on your head. The static charge of the hair fibre is a natural attraction that adheres tiny particles onto each strand, adding extra volume and making it look full and thick. 

These bonded strands then sit atop the scalp, creating an illusion of thicker hair without permanently changing the thickness or number of hairs on your scalp. The end result is a thicker-looking head of hair that lasts all day long. Our hair-thickening fibres are suitable for people suffering from Alopecia, hair loss, thinning hair, grey hair and regrowth.

Experience the difference of Dushi’s hair fibre products today and see why they are one of the most popular solutions for those experiencing thinning or balding hair! Shop our range now to get beautiful, thick locks in no time.

How Long Do Hair Fibres Last?

Dushi’s Moroccan hair fibres are of premium quality and top standards. Because of this, our product lasts all day and all night. It also has the ability to last through wind, sweat, and rainy conditions. It does not smear and will not stain your hair or your clothing.

Our hair-thickening fibre is so strong that it can even last multiple days! If you want your hair fibres to last as long as possible, spritz our Hair Locking Spray over where you have applied the fibres.

To wash it out, thoroughly shampoo your hair. Experience the beautiful effects and convenience of Dushi’s hair-thickening fibre products today! Shop our range now and get your desired look in no time.

How to Apply Hair Fibres?

Applying Dushi hair fibres is extremely easy. Start by ensuring your hair is dry; otherwise, the fibres will not work properly and may become lumpy in appearance, making your hair look patchy and unrealistic. 

To use Dushi hair fibres, all you have to do is sprinkle them directly onto the top of your hair. The static charge of the fibres will cling naturally to your hair strands, helping create a thicker look in just seconds. With Dushi’s Morrocan Hair Fibres, you can achieve instantly fuller-looking locks without the fuss. 

When applying hair fibres, it’s crucial to ensure that you use the correct colour. Purchase one that is closest to your natural or dyed hair colour so that the fibres do not look noticeable. At Dushi, we offer nine different hair fibre shades that resemble an array of natural hair colours.

Finish off with our hair locking spray, and you’re ready to go! Your hair fibres will last you all day and well into the night – if not for days on end. 

To make things extra easy, we offer a Moroccan Hair Fibre and Hair Locking Spray bundle. Save some extra dollars by investing in both, and enjoy the full potential of your brand-new hair fibres. Shop the range today, or visit our FAQs for more information.