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Hair Stimulant Pack 500ml - Dushi Australia
Hair Stimulant Pack 500ml (PLUS GIFT)
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Complete Instant Hair Pack 250ml - Dushi Australia
Complete Instant Hair Pack 250ml (PLUS GIFT)
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Complete Instant Hair Pack 500ml - Dushi Australia
Complete Instant Hair Pack 500ml (PLUS GIFT)
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Beard Growth Kit (plus gift) - Dushi Australia
Beard Growth Kit (plus gift) with RapidGro Technology ®
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Lash & Brow Serum 5ml - Dushi Australia
Lash & Brow Serum 5ml (PLUS GIFT) Lengthen, strengthen and condition
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Shop Beauty Products With A Free Gift In Australia  

If there’s anything more exciting than purchasing one of Dushi’s hair packs, it’s that you get a free gift every time you select one! 

Dushi creates and supplies products that stimulate and support hair growth. We have various items to help you improve your scalp and follicle health. So treat yourself to one of our nourishing packs and see the difference. Our selected bundles offer gifts with every individual purchase, so get on it now! 

With every purchase of our Hair Stimulant Pack, Complete Instant Hair Pack (250 & 500 ML), and Beard Growth Kit, Dushi gives you one of our premium products for no additional cost. Explore the collection today to claim yours!

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What Are The Beauty Packs With A Free Gift?

To receive a gift with your Dushi order, choose from one of our following hair packs:

Hair Stimulant Pack

The Hair Stimulant Pack is perfect if you’re looking for one of our smaller hair stimulation product bundles! It comes with the following:

Although the Hair Stimulant Pack is one of our smaller packages, it comes jam-packed with all the necessary products to make your locks lush and long. Treat your hair to our products and witness the difference. 

Complete Instant Hair Pack (250 & 500 ML)

For those experiencing heavy hair loss and bald patches, we highly recommend trying out the Complete Instant Hair pack. This bundle includes the very best of all our iconic products. It comes with the following: 

  • Hair Fibres 
  • Hair Locking Spray 
  • ‘Give Me Hair’ or ‘No More Snow’ Shampoo
  • ‘That Feels Nice’ Conditioner
  • Let Them Grow Exfoliating Scalp Scrub 
  • Restore My Hair Mask
  • Rapid Growth - Hair Growth Serum

These seven products boost your confidence by nourishing your scalp and allowing you to use natural fibres to help bump up the thickness of bald patches. 

Beard Growth Kit

The Dushi Beard Grow Kit is ideal for those experiencing hair loss or less growth in their facial hair. The bundle has a four-step instruction manual for the different products, so you know how to use it. The items in this package are: 

  • Beard Roller 
  • Beard Growth Serum 
  • Sanitiser 
  • Beard Comb 

With the sanitiser and beard comb exclusively available with this bundle, we highly recommend picking this up if you’re considering picking up some beard grooming products. Don’t miss out!

What Types of Free Gifts Are Included With Beauty Products?

At the moment, we are giving away two of our most popular products as a gift. They are: 

Hair Growth Derma Roller

Designed to penetrate hair follicles, this Derma Roller is less invasive than you think! The medical grade stainless steel needles create ‘micro-punctures’ that trigger your body’s natural repair process, stimulating new hair growth. In addition, it also improves the effectiveness of our in-house Rapid Hair Growth Serum.  

Beard Shaving Apron 

As the title suggests, the Dushi apron makes every beard trim a less messy experience. Unlike standard aprons, this product comes with two suction tacks that stick to your mirror, keeping your tiny prickles from getting on your clothes before you head out the door. The aprons are waterproof and easy to use too. What more could you ask for? 

Can I Choose the Free Gift?

At the moment, we select the gifts for our customers. Choosing your free product makes it easier for us to manage our stock while giving you quality products that everyone can use. 

Do I Need to Meet Certain Purchase Requirements to Receive the Free Gift?  

You must order these products individually to claim the prize. If you have a pack subscription, you do not receive a gift every time you receive your monthly package. 

Check out the collection on the website to find your ideal treatment for your hair. For more information on our products, feel free to contact us.