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Beard Growth Kit (plus gift) - Dushi Australia
Beard Growth Kit (plus gift) with RapidGro Technology ®
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Anti-Grey Rapid Hair Growth Serum 50ml - Dushi Australia
Anti-Grey Rapid Hair Growth Serum 50ml with RapidGro Technology ®
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Beard Growth Serum (30ml) - Dushi Australia
Beard Growth Serum (30ml) with RapidGro Technology ®
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Natural Beard Oil (30ml) - Dushi Australia
Natural Beard Oil (30ml) Tame and hydrate your beard
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As much as the world is shifting towards more gender-inclusive products and services, men's grooming products still seem to be trailing behind in their availability. Specially formulated to stimulate beard hair growth, Dushi aims to change that by bringing quality products to the market at great prices! 

Many commercial offerings lack in quality, with poor ingredients that barely nourish the beard, resulting in irritation and flaky skin underneath. Dushi’s Beard Growth Kit is an excellent choice for anyone who wants their beard to look lush. And if that wasn’t good enough, it comes with a free mystery gift! 

Dushi's naturally-formulated oil keeps the beard revitalised and your beard follicles protected. In addition, Dushi’s grooming oil helps to nourish and tame even the busiest of beards. Investing in our products is a surefire way to keep your beard looking well-kempt and healthy. Try them now to see the difference!

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What Is Men’s Grooming and Why is It Important?

Grooming your beard is an important part of any man's routine. It can be the difference between looking dignified and presentable or scruffy and unkempt. Taking proper care of a beard requires dedication, making it look fuller and healthier while ensuring the skin and hair underneath remain in optimal health. It also eliminates ingrown hairs and beard dandruff, which can cause itching and discomfort.  

Applying serums to your beard is an important step in keeping it healthy. Dushi beard serums provide hydrating and nourishing properties that help to promote the health of each hair follicle in the beard, preventing split ends and breakage. Regular use helps keep a beard smooth, soft and shiny and protects it against harmful environmental factors like wind and sun. 

How to Use Beard Growth Serum? 

When it comes to facial hair, it can often be challenging to grow a healthy, stylish beard. Luckily, Dushi Beard Growth Serums are an effective way to keep your facial hair thick. To get the most out of your serum, apply it properly after you have finished showering. 

Start by patting your face dry as normal but when it comes to drying your beard, gently push downwards with a towel or comb and remove any excess moisture before applying the serum. 

Rub the serum into your desired area in a circular motion and use just enough product to coat the area. The goal is not to saturate the area with too much serum. 

Leave it in for a day and once finished, if necessary, rinse off any residue and then apply some extra-moisturising balm or oil as required. Doing this regularly will encourage healthy growth and leave your facial hair looking fuller and better groomed than ever before!

Why Is It Best to Apply Serum After a Wash?

Applying a serum after washing can help lock in moisture, helping to reduce or prevent flakiness in the skin underneath the beard. Like any part of your grooming routine, applying serums also takes dedication, but when done regularly, it will make a world of difference in keeping your beard looking its best!

What Is in a Beard Growth Kit, and Do They Work?

The Dushi beard growth kits include the following items:

The principle of the kit is to use the products to create a routine where you can efficiently take care of your beard. By doing this, you have a combination of nutrients and stimulants specifically designed to nourish your existing facial hair and help it grow longer, thicker, and faster. 

With regular usage and proper technique, customers who have used the Dushi kits have reported seeing increases in their overall hair quantity and thickness, as well as some decrease in patchiness. When paired with growth shampoos and conditioners, you can look and feel great by taking care of your hair.  

It's important, however, to remember that results may vary between people. All in all, these kits can offer an easy solution to support growth, with the results taking anywhere from several weeks to a few months, depending on the individual, since many factors like genetics, diet and environment, among others, affect hair growth. 

Do Derma Rollers Work for Beard Growth?

Beard Growth Rollers have proven to be highly effective in promoting natural beard growth by stimulating blood flow in the area. With a derma roller, you can target specific areas of your beard and promote natural strength and thickness without suffering from any negative side effects.  

All in all, pairing the Dushi beard kit with regular trims paired with Natural Beard Growth Oil should yield positive results within a few weeks. Try out our beard maintenance kit and see for yourself now! Explore the website now. For more information, contact us today!