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Shop All Dushi Products In Australia

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Beard Growth Serum (30ml) - Dushi Australia
Beard Growth Serum (30ml) with RapidGro Technology ®
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Natural Beard Oil (30ml) - Dushi Australia
Natural Beard Oil (30ml) Tame and hydrate your beard
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Instant Hair & Stimulant Pack 500ml - Dushi Australia
Instant Hair & Stimulant Pack 500ml
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Hair Transformation Starter Pack - Dushi Australia
Hair Transformation Starter Pack with RapidGro Technology®
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Instant Hair & Restoration Pack - Dushi Australia
Instant Hair & Restoration Pack
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Gift card - Dushi Australia
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If you're looking for a proactive solution to hair loss, our advanced technologies and treatments could be your answer. Dushi has created revolutionary, cruelty-free products that are 100% natural for those seeking long-term hair restoration. 

Dushi hair growth products are clinically proven to improve density and fullness, giving your hair natural volume. With easy-to-use application methods, it's simple, safe and cost-effective to begin revitalising your hair today! Don't wait any longer to get started - join us in reclaiming your vibrant locks now.

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How to Stimulate Hair Growth?

If you're looking to stimulate hair growth and get lush locks that turn heads, it starts with taking care of your hair. Washing your hair regularly is key to helping keep it nourished and clean, allowing healthier hair growth. The hair stimulant shampoo from Dushi is a great product you have in your rotation. If it weren’t great enough on its own, it also protects your scalp from dandruff. 

To take it a step further, try adding some products to your routine to help cause optimal keratin production. Give your hair a boost with supplements such as the Dushi restorative hair mask or our exfoliating scalp scrub, which replenish natural oils essential to promote healthy follicles. 

For thinner hair, purchase our Moroccan hair fibres that create natural-looking volume and give off the perception of thicker and fuller locks whilst stimulating the follicles. 

Do Hair Fibres Block Follicles?

Dushi hair fibres are incredible technology for anyone who’s ever wanted a fuller, thicker head of hair. They offer a fast volumising effect to give you that full, luxurious look. But are their tiny fibres blocking your follicles and preventing new hair growth? 

Absolutely not! These natural fibres don’t even come close to blocking your follicles; the lightweight fibres will never get that deep into the scalp. They simply sit atop the natural hairs to create a glossy, naturally enhanced look and feel. So if you’re looking for a subtle and easy way to add thickness, volume and extra body without permanently damaging your follicles, Dushi Hair Fibres is definitely the way to go!

Does Acne Stop Beard Growth?

Though many believe that having pimples or acne will make it harder for facial hair to flourish, this is not 100% true! 

When you have severe breakouts, you may notice slower growth as the skin becomes irritated and inflamed while you wait for the outburst to pass. To stay ahead of the game, take care of your skin with a daily skincare routine so those pesky pimples don't get in the way of your beard success.

An easy way to ensure your beard has volume after a wash is to use Dushi’s beard growth serum. Thanks to the in-house RapidGro Technology™, it revitalises, strengthens and protects beard follicles. Try some out today! 

What Do Lash Serums Do?

Lash serums are ideal for someone looking to lengthen and strengthen their eyelashes. With consistent application, Dushi’s lash and brow serum nourishes your lashes and brows to give you the confidence of beautiful eyes. And you’re ready to pull off the best eye makeup!

Clinically tested lash serums from Dushi can help you see results in as little as two weeks! Whether we're talking length, volume, or both, these serums are designed to nourish and improve your eyelashes - giving them a fuller and healthier look with every application. So have some fun and get those lashes popping - with lash serum, you can work wonders!

Dushi prides itself in being a 100% Aussie-owned, cruelty-free business with the purpose of giving our customers a natural way to combat hair loss. Check out our products today!