Your General Health and Your Hair

When it comes time to hit the gym and sweat it out most of us are thinking of our waistline, our cholesterol, or our heart rate. It is a bit unusual to consider our hair at this point, but believe it or not, our hair can tell a lot about our well being. It is really not that far out in left field. Our hair is directly related to our overall health. If we are constantly stressed out or thriving on a poor diet, it will show in more ways than one. Our hair is usually the silent victim. thinning hair.

Poor health equals unhealthy hair. Our hair needs proper nutrients just like any other part of our bodies. We have to trim away dead ends, wash, condition, and even moisturize to keep our hair at its best. We recommend using Dushi That Feels Nice Conditioner. Now I’m not going to get into the deep science of it but good healthy hair starts at the root. That’s never even been debated. That being said, proper nutrition, circulation, and hydration all work from the inside out.

For instance, high stress situations can cause hair loss. Of course it’s natural to lose some hair every time we clean or style our hair. If you notice more than just the norm, it could be an indication of something else. Sometimes thinning hair can be an indication of the onset of diabetes. If you have suffered a traumatic event, such as divorce or even something worse, your hair will start thinning on you. A vitamin deficiency can also cause hair loss or hair damage. Quick shake of the Dushi Hair Building Fibres will instantly cover those thinning areas and give you confidence back in just 30 seconds. Even a thyroid problem can show up in your hair. Dry brittle hair that breaks easily can be an indicator. Use Dushi Restorative Hair Mask to make your hair stronger. Even limp hair deserves a second look.

This doesn’t mean that we need to run to the doctor because we are having a bad hair day. However, if we are otherwise pretty healthy and our hair is not, we may need to do a little digging. Eat your greens, take your vitamins, do your cardio, and drink plenty of water. If you are doing all of these things and your hair is still limp, fine and brittle, or falling out then there may be more to it. Whether we like it or not, our hair is a direct indicator of our inner health. What goes in, must come out, and it will come out in our hair. While it is not necessary to examine every falling strand, don’t take your lovely locks for granted. Pay attention to your hair.