General Causes Of Thinning Hair and Hair Loss

One of the most troubling and still under-recognized medical problems for people today is thinning hair and hair loss. The hair loss industry, just in the past five years, has made great gains in viable treatment options. Unfortunately there is still a lot of misinformation about this challenging situation. 

Thinning Hair and Hair Loss Is More Challenging For Some Women

Women with thinning hair and hair loss issues used to hide under wigs, hats, hair accessories and at home to avoid criticism. Women suffering from thinning hair often describe their challenge as devastating which can seriously damage their self-esteem and feeling of attractiveness. Even though society has become more accepting of thinning hair and hair loss issues, there are still obvious prejudices in some segments of the population.

General Causes Of Thinning Hair and Hair Loss

Hair may thin for a wide range of reasons, which may include, but not be limited to:

  1. Genetics and hereditary patterns
  2. Normal aging changes
  3. Serious illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease or related
  4. Drug reactions
  5. Chemo or radiation or long term drug therapy
  6. Natural or drug triggered (birth control) hormonal changes including puberty, pregnancy, menopause or similar
  7. Different types of life related stress
  8. Grief and long-term bereavement
  9. Poor nutrition and lack of proper vitamin therapy
  10. Sudden and/or extreme weight loss or weight changes
  11. Thyroid disease due to related health issues or aging
  12. Excessive consumption of sugar, nicotine or similar stimulants
  13. Use of chemical hair treatments including perms, chemical relaxers, straighteners,
 hair color or similar harsh treatments.
  14. Overuse of hot hair styling treatments (blow dryers, irons, curlers) and/or harsh styling tools such as damaging brushes
  15. Wearing hair tightly pulled at the hairline or on other parts of the scalp.
  16. Hair extensions

There can be other thinning hair and hair loss triggers, which may not be included in the list.


Steps To Take When Dealing With Thinning Hair and Hair Loss Issues

Although the onset of thinning hair can be terrifying, don’t panic.  Some hair loss experts have tied increased anxiety over hair loss to an acceleration of the condition.

Considering following the steps below:

  1. Do a hair thinning evaluation– If you’re going to address the challenge, you need to understand what may have triggered the situation. Make an exhaustive list addressing when you first noticed the thinning and/or loss and at what sites on your scalp. Have you changed anything significantly in your life which might have triggered hair loss including sudden weight gain and/or loss, serious life related stress or other changes. If or when you consult an expert they will need to do a complete hair thinning history and will need to know what may have triggered your current condition.
  1. Find products which are natural – One of the causes of hair loss is chemicals we put in our hair on daily basis. Try to use Natural products and natural hair loss remedies to prolong hair loss. Products like Dushi shampoo and conditioner not only contain certified organic ingredients but also stimulate hair growth.
  1.  Look for safe and natural instant solutions – While medical doctors and dermatologists can offer prescription drugs, try Dushi Moroccan hair building fibres as an instant solution to thinning hair and hair loss. It’s totally natural and safe even for sensitive scalps. It works simply by covering your thinning areas and making your hair look thick and full in seconds.
  1. Do your research– Over the past few years hair thinning and hair loss treatments have come a long way.  There are a dizzying array of treatment options which never used to exist before. But, look out for imitations and products that aren’t as effective and might cause side effects (for example synthetic keratine hair fibres). Synthetic keratine hair fibres don’t stick to your hair as well as Dushi hair fibres and might irritate the scalp. Minoxidil (which is found in Regaine) has been found to have the following side effects: allergic reactions, irregular heartbeat, weight gain, skin rash and itching. Stemoxydine (found in L’oreal, Vichy & Kerastase) has been reported to give headaches after use and has not been subject to long-term tests. Nioxin has also been found to cause scalp redness, itching, swelling and flaking.


Summary – Thinning Hair and Hair Loss

Although one of the most troubling and still under-recognized medical problems for people today is hair loss. The good news?  Dushi Australia can provide you with safe, natural and proven solutions without breaking the bank.