Dushi Hair Fibres vs. Other Treatments

Dushi hair fibres are like no other product you have ever used before. Unlike our competitors, Dushi is 100% natural fibres made from a Moroccan plant. Dushi fibres is a breakthrough hair product that works as a hair thickener to provide you with an entirely natural look.

So how do we compare with other products on the market?

Natural Look

Dushi provides you with a natural look designed to last all day. When you use Dushi, no one will know that you have used a hair thickener, unless you tell them.

Treatments such as Keratin based synthetic fibres will provide you with a less than natural look, and may leave some coloring on your scalp.

Surgery, a treatment favored by some does not always work. In some cases, you may be left looking worse than you were before you underwent the hair transplant.


Dushi natural fibres are made from completely natural ingredients such as a Moroccan plant in a bid to make sure that you remain safe, even if you happen to have a sensitive scalp.

Synthetic fibres, on the other hand, are not made from natural ingredients as they contain preservatives and synthetic dyes, which may end up causing you, harm.

Regaine, stemoxydine, and Nioxin, which are other treatments available on the market, do not contain any natural ingredients.

Guaranteed Instant Results

For many people suffering from hair loss, they want a product that can guarantee instant results upon use.

This is what Dushi is here to provide. Of all other treatments available, only hair fibres can guarantee this set of results, as surgeries are not always successful.

Free from Animal Contents

Dushi is not made using any animal contents. Its main ingredients come from plants. Keratin fibres, on the other hand, are derived from animal furs.

While Regaine may be free from animal contents, it is tested on animals to check whether it works.

Nioxin and Stemoxydine, however, are not free from the animal contents.

Free of Synthetic Dyes

In this category, only Dushi hair fibres and surgery are truly free from the synthetic dyes. A close look at synthetic fibres and you will realize that they are processed with chemical bleaches and synthetic dyes.

Nioxix, Stemoxydine, and Regaine all contain the synthetic dyes which can be harmful to your scalp.

Comfort Levels

Dushi hair fibres are very comfortable as the fibres stay on your hair shaft, and not on your scalp.

For synthetic fibres, they are placed on your scalp and not on your hair, which may end up causing some discomfort.

Regaine, Nioxin, and stemoxydine do provide some level of comfort.

Side Effects

Compared to other treatments, Dushi are the only hair fibres that do not cause any side effects. For instance, using synthetic fibres may cause itchiness, while surgery may lead to bleeding and swelling of your scalp.

Nioxin, Regaine, and Stemoxydine will all cause itchiness, irregular heartbeat, headaches, weight gain, and even further hair loss.

Cost Effectiveness

Dushi hair fibres is the most cost effective hair treatment method available on the market. Surgery is very expensive while the other treatments cost way more than using hair fibres. Other Keratin based fibres on the market are not only synthetic but cost sometimes double the price of Dushi hair fibres, depending on the brand being purchased.