3 ways to fake fuller-looking hair

Fighting flat hair because it’s too fine, too lifeless, too URGH? Take a deep breath and step away from the mirror for a minute. Because guess what? You CAN have it. get fuller hair

While you can’t change the natural texture of your hair, you can employ some helpful tips to make it more thicker- and fuller-looking than it really is. From sneaky snip tricks to what products to keep front row in your cabinet, your locks are about to get a royal boost!


The right cut

It’s amazing what clever illusions your hairstylist can create with just a simple trim. Blunt lines, sharp edges and all-one-length styles create a full, voluminous look that gives the impression of fuller hair. Despite popular belief, avoid layers. They can actually exacerbate the issue further.


The right colour

Similarly, your hair hue can give the effect of naturally thicker locks. Highlights, lowlights and foils will help add dimension and depth to your hair. And for those who prefer to stay a one-colour blonde, try incorporating some subtle, slightly darker blonde tones throughout your hair for a multi-dimensional, thicker finish. Most importantly, take care of your colour. Brittle ends and a dull colour equal unhealthy hair and we don’t want that to happen. Stick to colour protecting shampoos and conditioners, and remember to implement a weekly hydrating hair mask into your haircare routine.


The right products

First and foremost, get your flat-hair kit in check. Volumising sprays, styling powders and sea salt sprays are ideal for fine hair, and hairspray will help make the volume last, but your biggest secret weapon is hair fibres. Fine hair or not, these days they do more than just cover greasy roots. A good one will help prevent your hair from flattening, and will have a gritty texture that gives a fuller finish.

What styling tips and tricks do you have for combatting fine hair?