How It Works

Step 1. Hair Growth Derma Roller 

Our advanced anti-slip derma roller has been designed to penetrate the hair follicles at the root to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. Made with 540 medical grade stainless steel needles with cross-line arrangement that roll painlessly over the scalp. These needles create “micro-punctures” in the superficial layers of the scalp and follicles triggering the body’s natural repair process, encouraging new hair growth. This process improves the absorption and efficacy of Dushi Anti-Grey Rapid Hair Growth Serum.

Step 2 - Dushi Anti-Grey Rapid Hair Growth Serum. 

Greyverse™ begins by stimulating the MC1-R receptor, while Darkenyl™ stimulates hair follicle stem cells. Both activating melanogenesis, dramatically increasing melanin production and promoting effective hair repigmentation.

Formulated with nourishing botanical extracts and powerful ingredients, this natural concentrated leave-in formula also helps to improve scalp circulation and hair thickness. In addition to stimulating growth, this formulation is designed to revitalise, strengthen, volumize and protect hair.

Please note hair growth results can be seen as early as 2-4 weeks and hair repigmentation usually takes longer (min 3 months with regular use). Individual results may vary depending on hair type, conditions and use, as every person's hair conditions are unique. This serum is most effective for individuals with 30% grey hair or less. While we cannot guarantee a full reversal of greying for those with more than 30% grey hair, our serum can still help prevent further greying and promote healthy hair growth.