Can hair loss concealers suffocate the follicle?

Can hair loss concealers suffocate the follicle? Sara Wasserbauer, MD, Walnut Creek Hair Restoration Surgeon, answers the question. There are many myths and urban legends about hair loss, particularly on the internet, and this is one of the more persistent ones. There have been many rumors about the hair fibres “suffocating” the hair follicle, especially if the pores open due to heat or sweating. It is a total myth that hair loss concealers cause damage to the hair.

Hair gets its oxygen from its blood supply at the bottom of the follicle, underneath the skin, not from the top!  Hair fibers are safe and harmless for the most part. Most individuals who use these products have genetic hair loss – which is a progressive condition. Generic hair loss gets worse over time if it is not treated.  A lot of people using topical fibers will notice their hair is getting worse and worse. Not from the fibers, but from the natural progression of genetic hair loss. 

In conclusion, make sure you’re using natural hair building fibres and use hair care products which help fight hair loss and not speed it up.